Our approach to tax planning is proactive, not reactive.

Our team is here to provide you and/or your business with future-oriented tax solutions. We integrate personal and corporate tax planning to help clients develop a comprehensive, long-term tax strategy that both minimizes overall tax burden and prepares for the future. Our experienced experts employ both innovative and proven tax strategies to ensure our clients take advantage of all available incentives and tax minimization strategies. We even review prior tax filings to fix potential mistakes made in the past.

Our services include:  

  • Corporate and personal tax planning and filing

  • Estate and trust tax planning and filing

  • Corporate reorganizations

  • U.S. personal and corporate tax returns

  • Scientific Research and Experimental
    Development (SRED) tax incentives

  • Audit assistance and negotiation with tax authorities

  • Commodity/consumption taxes (GST/HST)

  • Review of wills and shareholder/partnership/
    joint venture agreements

  • Probate minimization strategies

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